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Badger Engineering, PLLC
Engineering For a Better Tomorrow
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Navy Veteran owned and operated.

We are committed to providing code compliant, cost
effective, engineering design solutions to meet your

Our core values:
Honor :
We will conduct ourselves in the highest
ethical manner in all relationships within the
company, with our customers and with regulatory and
oversight organizations.  Honesty and truthfulness is
expected with all.  We will make honest
recommendations and must be open to accept
recommendations of others.  We will be innovative
and encourage new ideas and be willing to deliver
bad news – even when it is unpopular.  We will
maintain an uncompromising code of integrity, take
responsibility for our actions and make all efforts,
heroic or not, to keep our word.  In the engineering
profession we will fulfill or exceed our legal and
ethical responsibilities.

Courage: We will have the courage to meet the
demands of our engineering profession.  We will make
decisions in the best interest of Badger Engineering,
our customers and the public without regard to
personal consequences. We will hold ourselves to a
higher standard of personal conduct and decency.  
Through our courage we will have the ability –
physically, mentally and morally to do what is right,
even in the face of personal or professional adversity.

Commitment: We are committed to caring for the
safety and well-being, professionally, personally and
spiritually of our employees.  We are committed to
supporting our customers to the maximum extent
possible which is in line with these core values.  We
are committed to customer satisfaction to the
maximum extent which is also aligned with these core
values.  We are committed to showing respect to all
people without regard to race, religion or gender.  We
are committed to positive change and constant
improvement.  We are committed to exhibiting the
highest degree of moral character, technical
excellence, quality and competence representing well
our company, the engineering profession and the best
interests of our customers.
Our Business
Providing residential and commercial designs to
Schoharie County and the Capital District since

30 years experience with power distribution
system operation, design, and safety evaluation.
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